Happiness, regarding the space is the scale of a good architecture.

kr2b, Karababa Architecture was founded in 2009 by Özkan Karababa. The confidence of the firm is based on the successful international work experience of Karababa as an architect. Graduated from METU in 1995, Karababa has also has a master degree in Urban Design.

As an Architectural firm, kr2b aims at providing complete architectural services that starts from the concept stage and includes supervising the construction team of the project. We do our best in order to reflect our positive presence at every detail of our project. We believe that truly good service in architecture requires a strong collaboration. Architect is successful so long as the firm is able to understand the needs of the client. It is essential to optimize the limited time, energy, and the knowledge of the design team in order to reach the goals of the process. Every goal within the design process, -may either be shaping an idea through architectural means in the very early concept phase, or may be writing a technical specification which eventually should help sculpting the initial idea through solid means- requires effective team work, and strong communication.

As a team, we believe in constant learning, in pushing the technology in order to advance our productivity and precision, and try hard to include our client, and all other parties that is/will be in touch with our design into our team as active participants.

We know that good architecture is about happiness of our client, of our team, and of people who will live through/by/in our architecture.


“Architecture is a collaboration between nature, people, and time.”


Özkan Karababa received his B. Arch. degree from the Middle East Technical University in 1995 and his M.A. degree in Urban Design in 2001 from the same university. Between 2000 and 2006, he worked in architectural firms based in Philadelphia and New York on urban, residential and retail projects. He also worked in Istanbul branch of Foster+Partners on the concept of a high-rise mix-use project. Karababa is working as a principal architect at kr2b since 2008.

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